Super Post Apocalyptic Fun Time

Mmm Bubbly Fizz...

Who would have thought it'd be sodangerous

We continued our travels north after exiting the St. Louis malestrom, our overall destination to be the survivor settlement rumored to be nessled in the suburban sprawl around the city of Springfield, IL. Lucky for us, Near Springfield existed and was willing to let us into their walls. After a night in the inn, for Content Not Found: dr-luc-aloysius-william-dupont if not the rest of the party who rested in the cars, to recuperate from their near death experiences of St. Louis, they were greeted by the strange sight of a schismatic Doomsayer with large insectile wings. He had heard of a mutant community in the near by area that is being viewed as hostile by the nearby settlements he had visited and wished to know how this town thought of them and if any would help him look into this issue. Despite the car accident caused by Jack’s intoxication, it was decided that the several clearly sober members of the group would be useful in the fight or negotiations that would follow. The group traveled together a short distance before finding what appeared to be a group of the mutants at the base of a highrise beset upon by a group of Night Terrors



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