Super Post Apocalyptic Fun Time

Will you meet me in St. Louis

The death of a syker

The route north took us near enough to the ruins of the city of St. Louis that a journey inwards to scav would be both worthwhile. The trip inwards was uneventful but the scaving proved less worthwhile and more deadly. First, while investigating the ruins of a local mom and pop style shop, Lil bob ran into a large group of trogs. The trogs should have been little problem for him or for us but fate had a different idea. The grenade that Lil Bob used to try and soften the trogs bounced back and caught him full in the back, sadly killing him. As if burying a dear compatriot was not enough, when pushing onwards and trying to make the trip inward more they stumbled into a small office building and onto a long range Raptor scout from Denver. Luckily for everyone, the thing decided to bail after Dr. Dupont leaped upon it’s back. This can only bode ill for if Denver’s silver hawks can be found this far afield, General Throckmorton’s men and steel cannot be far behind.



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