Super Post Apocalyptic Fun Time

The Second Great Loss

death of two party members

The night terrors proved to be difficult creatures to kill, or at least before they managed to kill several of the mutants. After killing several and driving off the remainder the group learned that the mutants were in fact Fizzers. The fizzers reported that they had been attempting to take shelter in this holy site and had been unable to breach into the lower depths. After some time we managed to gain access and traveled downwards. We were greeted by a large automaton in the form of a can of bubblyfizz, to be precise their mascot. Below him was a crate of goods stamped with the same purple logo as the can. It turned out what we mistook for a moving sign or advertisement was in fact a creature called a Lurker. When the Dr. Dupont attempted to retreive the box, after several attempts to knock it away from the suspected trap, the creature animated and attempted to kill him and the rest of the party. During the fight both Casey, the fuist, and Lucky, my dear dog, were killed. It was only with the assistance of the fizzers that the beast was finally brought down and the loot attained. Unfortunately, as part of the agreement struck between the two groups, only the non-bubblyfizz scaving was given to the group, this amounted to an old mostly running diesel tractor trailer



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