Super Post Apocalyptic Fun Time

Meeting of Minds

Wagner and Crew

Our defeat and return coincided with the arrival of a trade caravan with some food for the beleaguered settlement. This brought us some pleasure, as it meant our defeat would not be the death of them all. It also brought some light in the form of Blake, a Templar though well disguised, and James, a Valkyrie Pilot with suit no less. We approached them with our problem. The Cookie Monster, still hard to type without wanting to laugh, that had killed two of our comrades still needed to be stopped and all our last expedition had told us was that it had to be a Servitor. They valiantly agreed to join us in our quest and we recouped ourselves and left again in the morning. We approached the factory again, but this time with the intent of carefully discovering what the creature might be and how to defeat it. The factory offices have so far held little but rats and walking dead.



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