Super Post Apocalyptic Fun Time

Lost Our Cookies

Droppin' like flies

After leaving the Fizzers and their strange life behind us, we came across a small settlement that would be able to help us get our newly acquired truck retrofitted to take the spook-juice as well as some additional spare parts. They unfortunately did not have much to share in the way of food, when pressed it seemed that the settlement was mostly scavies and had just not had much luck. That was combined with the lose of one of the better scavers when it came to food. Some inquiry, mostly with the town crazy, told us that he had a choice spot that seemed to have run a foul. We decided to investigate and were set upon by car-sized hamburgers, complete with bun. After dispatching several of the creatures with difficulty, we decided that larger arms were necessary and withdrew. Trading a recently acquired van for a small armies worth of explosives we thought we had this problem licked. Little did we know that the problem had us licked, as the true problem was the Cookie Monster. The attempt consumed most of the explosives, the quad, and most sadly both Jason, the shaman, and David, the Doomsayer. The remnants of our party, which is to say Jack and I, retreated to lick our wounds and figure this out.



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