Super Post Apocalyptic Fun Time

It's just a jump to the Left
And a step to the Riiiiight


Peanut or not Peanut
That is a question?

Peanuts were in fact the thing. After obtaining some peanuts from the trade caravan that had arrived in Near Chicago, we set forth to deal with the Cookie Monster. The celebration was unfortunately short.

I went on a rampage, I suspect that it was possession by Gun spirit, but all I can safely say for certain is that it was not the Demon. The incident caused us to flee Near Chicago with great haste and a few bodies in our wake. I regained control of myself, bound in the back of the truck. I, I have reveled more to these few then I have to any in many years, but they seem to accept me. I can only hope for tomorrow

Clyde Strange, love?
Or how I learned to stop caring and love the peanut

Despite the rats and walkin’ dead we searched the building to find an bag full of letters, a candy-apple red convertible, and an unconscious woman. After getting back though the maelstrom, we took shelter in a house and saw to the woman and then read the letters. They were addressed to the company and many, if not the majority, came from one Clyde Strange, an individual that both seemed angry at the company because their packaging which seemed to result in him getting peanut cookies when he ordered non-peanut cookies. This was a problem as he was deathly allergic to peanuts. We hoped that this man was our monster and this was how to make the cookie crumble.

Meeting of Minds
Wagner and Crew

Our defeat and return coincided with the arrival of a trade caravan with some food for the beleaguered settlement. This brought us some pleasure, as it meant our defeat would not be the death of them all. It also brought some light in the form of Blake, a Templar though well disguised, and James, a Valkyrie Pilot with suit no less. We approached them with our problem. The Cookie Monster, still hard to type without wanting to laugh, that had killed two of our comrades still needed to be stopped and all our last expedition had told us was that it had to be a Servitor. They valiantly agreed to join us in our quest and we recouped ourselves and left again in the morning. We approached the factory again, but this time with the intent of carefully discovering what the creature might be and how to defeat it. The factory offices have so far held little but rats and walking dead.

Lost Our Cookies
Droppin' like flies

After leaving the Fizzers and their strange life behind us, we came across a small settlement that would be able to help us get our newly acquired truck retrofitted to take the spook-juice as well as some additional spare parts. They unfortunately did not have much to share in the way of food, when pressed it seemed that the settlement was mostly scavies and had just not had much luck. That was combined with the lose of one of the better scavers when it came to food. Some inquiry, mostly with the town crazy, told us that he had a choice spot that seemed to have run a foul. We decided to investigate and were set upon by car-sized hamburgers, complete with bun. After dispatching several of the creatures with difficulty, we decided that larger arms were necessary and withdrew. Trading a recently acquired van for a small armies worth of explosives we thought we had this problem licked. Little did we know that the problem had us licked, as the true problem was the Cookie Monster. The attempt consumed most of the explosives, the quad, and most sadly both Jason, the shaman, and David, the Doomsayer. The remnants of our party, which is to say Jack and I, retreated to lick our wounds and figure this out.

The Second Great Loss
death of two party members

The night terrors proved to be difficult creatures to kill, or at least before they managed to kill several of the mutants. After killing several and driving off the remainder the group learned that the mutants were in fact Fizzers. The fizzers reported that they had been attempting to take shelter in this holy site and had been unable to breach into the lower depths. After some time we managed to gain access and traveled downwards. We were greeted by a large automaton in the form of a can of bubblyfizz, to be precise their mascot. Below him was a crate of goods stamped with the same purple logo as the can. It turned out what we mistook for a moving sign or advertisement was in fact a creature called a Lurker. When the Dr. Dupont attempted to retreive the box, after several attempts to knock it away from the suspected trap, the creature animated and attempted to kill him and the rest of the party. During the fight both Casey, the fuist, and Lucky, my dear dog, were killed. It was only with the assistance of the fizzers that the beast was finally brought down and the loot attained. Unfortunately, as part of the agreement struck between the two groups, only the non-bubblyfizz scaving was given to the group, this amounted to an old mostly running diesel tractor trailer

Mmm Bubbly Fizz...
Who would have thought it'd be sodangerous

We continued our travels north after exiting the St. Louis malestrom, our overall destination to be the survivor settlement rumored to be nessled in the suburban sprawl around the city of Springfield, IL. Lucky for us, Near Springfield existed and was willing to let us into their walls. After a night in the inn, for Content Not Found: dr-luc-aloysius-william-dupont if not the rest of the party who rested in the cars, to recuperate from their near death experiences of St. Louis, they were greeted by the strange sight of a schismatic Doomsayer with large insectile wings. He had heard of a mutant community in the near by area that is being viewed as hostile by the nearby settlements he had visited and wished to know how this town thought of them and if any would help him look into this issue. Despite the car accident caused by Jack’s intoxication, it was decided that the several clearly sober members of the group would be useful in the fight or negotiations that would follow. The group traveled together a short distance before finding what appeared to be a group of the mutants at the base of a highrise beset upon by a group of Night Terrors

Will you meet me in St. Louis
The death of a syker

The route north took us near enough to the ruins of the city of St. Louis that a journey inwards to scav would be both worthwhile. The trip inwards was uneventful but the scaving proved less worthwhile and more deadly. First, while investigating the ruins of a local mom and pop style shop, Lil bob ran into a large group of trogs. The trogs should have been little problem for him or for us but fate had a different idea. The grenade that Lil Bob used to try and soften the trogs bounced back and caught him full in the back, sadly killing him. As if burying a dear compatriot was not enough, when pushing onwards and trying to make the trip inward more they stumbled into a small office building and onto a long range Raptor scout from Denver. Luckily for everyone, the thing decided to bail after Dr. Dupont leaped upon it’s back. This can only bode ill for if Denver’s silver hawks can be found this far afield, General Throckmorton’s men and steel cannot be far behind.

The Story So Far

The adventure opens with the group poking around in a strip mall within the malestrom of Springfield MI. Following a hunch of Dr. Dupont’s they were lead to a commercial cryogenics facility. Within they dealt with four creatures known as headcases. After dealing with the creatures and their retinue of undead the party scaved the area and discovered the location of a likely cache of goods in a Bubbly Fizz plant in Springfield, IL.

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